Aeromedical Pel-Air is the proud contractor supplying fixed wing air ambulance services to Ambulance Victoria and to NSW Ambulance.

In addition, Pel-Air has a fleet of Westwind jet aircraft, specially modified with high-specification aeromedical equipment, available for international and domestic aeromedical transfers.

The Westwind aircraft use a combination of industry-leading Spectrum Aeromed and Lifeport aeromedical equipment, as well as bespoke loading and storage equipment. The low door on the Westwind allows level transfer of the patient and equipment from the road ambulance to the aircraft stretcher without the need for cumbersome lifting and manoeuvring up aircraft stairs.

Navigation and communications equipment exceed regulatory requirements and include live aircraft tracking and text communications via satellite from anywhere in the World, on the ground as well as in the air. In addition, there is a satellite phone available to the medical team to facilitate inflight voice communications back to specialist help on the ground. The Flight Operations Department is manned throughout the flight, tracking the aircraft’s progress and ensuring that services and facilities are ready for the aircraft as it lands.

All aircraft have a fully enclosed, private, lavatory at the rear of the cabin.

On all aeromedical transfers there is a highly trained medical team comprised of doctor and nurse. There is accommodation for the stretcher patient and two seats for family members/companions to accompany and reassure the patient. Two external, heated, baggage compartments with a combined volume of 54cubic feet are capable of holding 1070lbs (485kg) of baggage/cargo.

With no geographical limitations to our Air Operators Certificate, international destinations are limited only by diplomatic clearance formalities and airfield restrictions. Customs, immigration and quarantine formalities are organised for you, thus ensuring a seamless transition with no time wasted on departure or arrival. We have a base in southern Malaysia, just across the border from Singapore, as well our domestic base at Wagga Wagga, and we have recent, extensive, experience of operating international aeromedical transfer covering an area ranging from Dubai to Wake Island in the Pacific, British Indian Ocean Territories to China and South Korea, as well as throughout Australia.

The Westwind II aircraft is capable of flying at 45000ft, at Mach 0.8 (equivalent to 845km/h, 525mph), with maximum range of 2100nm (just short of 4000km).

Westwind Range Rings (subject to operational and meteorological considerations)