Corporate Jet charter Pel-Air has a fleet of Westwind jet aircraft available for international and domestic charters. Management of Customs, immigration and quarantine formalities can be organized thus ensuring a seamless transition with no time wasted on departure or arrival.

With no geographical limitation to our Air Operator’s Certificate, international destinations are limited only by diplomatic clearance formalities and airfield restrictions.

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The supply of air charter services through Pel-Air is subject to the Pel-Air Trading Conditions.

Westwind 1124

Number of passengers 8 passengers
Aircraft type Corporate jet
Luggage capacity Two externally heated baggage compartments with a combined volume of 54 cubic feet, and capable of holding 485 kg of baggage/cargo
Range Just under 4,000 km
Cruise speed 670 km/h
Cabin height Sit up cabin
Pressurised Yes
Rest Room Yes